Samoyed Club of Slovakia

(founded 2006)

The breeding of Samoyeds in Czechoslovakia started in late 80s and in 1991 Samoyed Club of Czechoslovakia was founded by Mrs. Černochová (ALATNA prefix). Very soon, in 1993, Czechoslovakia was divided into independent Czech and Slovak republics leaving the seat of the Samoyed Club in Prague (the capital city of the Czech republic). There were three Clubs devoted to Samoyeds in our republics: The Samoyed Club of Czech Republic, Club of Northern breeds (Czech Republic) and Slovak Club of Northern Breeds. All these three Clubs were organising 2 Shows per year.

A group of enthusiasts led by Mrs. Jana Fulierová (YOSHI AND US prefix) wanted to organize more specific activities for our wonderful breed including sports activities, Rescue rallies, Samoyed weekends etc., so in October 2006 independent Samoyed Club of Slovakia was founded with only 13 members. Nowadays (2019) it  has more than 150 members from all over the world and our activities include organizing the 2nd World Samoyed Meeting in Bratislava in 2009, The 1st EURO SAMOYED SHOW in Mojmírovce in 2018, Samoyed weekends, camps, Rescue Rallies and very traditional „Skalica weekend“ – 4 days, 2 Shows, sports and cooking competitions, raffles and a lot of fun.

Our goals are simple:

  • to promote our breed in Slovakia
  • to help Samoyed owners and breeders
  • to mantain our breed healthy and happy by setting up breeding rules
  • to work out our Samoyeds and keep them multi-purpose dogs
  • to organize 2 Annual Club and Specialty Shows
  • to issue Club Magazine
  • to organize different activities for Samoyed owners and general public as well
  • to cooperate with different Samoyed Clubs
  • to rescue Samoyeds in need.