From the very beginning of breeding we have had restrictions concerning breeding and registration of the breeding stock.  Our breed has always been a part of a programme that has aimed to prevent the spreading of  hereditary diseases in Samoyeds. Therefore both parent dogs must have been officially X-rayed for hip dysplasia and the resuls printed on the registration papers. Only healthy dogs and bitches with HD results A or B (under FCI scale) could have been used in breeding. These restrictions proved to be an excellent start for our breeding when we consider that now-a-days most of our stock is free of Hip Dysplasia.     

Breeding in Slovak Republic today follows similar rules and restrictions regarding Hip Dysplasia and we also added official eye check including Gonioscopy. So, if you want to breed on your bitch or use your dog as a stud:
1. HD: hips must be checked with the results of „A“ or „B“ – these specimen can be combined. „C“ hips are allowed for breeding, but ony with a speciman with „A“ hips.
2. EYES: must be checked including Gonioscopy, with results of „clear“. Distichiasis is allowed but only combined with „free of distichiasis“ speciman. GONIOSCOPY: results for breeding are UNAFECTED / MILD / MODERATE goniodysplasy, but MILD / MODERATE can be combined only with specimen UNAFECTED. Corneal Dystrophy result can be repeated after one year if affected.
3.The dog/bitch must take part in one Club or Specialty Show (and must be awarded as Excellent or Very good)
4. Then the dog/bitch must be seen by a breeding commitee, which consists of qualified judge, breed liaison officer and members of Club´s commitee (mostly president, vice-president). 
5. Then the breeding report is written about the dog, his/her qualities regarding FCI Standard. 
6. After all this, the specimen are considered „allowed for breeding“, or „not allowed for breeding“, and this is written to the Pedigree.              
ED tests are recommended.   

There is a list of stud dogs and brood bitches that can be used in breeding available for breeders, the list is being updated every year and printed in Clubs´ Magazine. You can find the list of  Stud dogs elsewhere on this site.
You can breed from your Samoyed from the age of 18 moths. The dog´s matings are not limited, the bitch can have only 1 litter per year and only till the age of 8 years. If you want to breed in Slovakia, your Kennel must have a name recognised by the FCI first. The full list of Kennel affixes to be found on
   The vice-president of our club is responsible for the breed welfare, he/she gives permissions for matings, he talks to the breeder about his choice of stud dog and communicates with the breeder „24 hours/7 days“ on the phone – if he/she needs advice.

   The vice-president also visits and checks every single litter born in Slovakia to see the breeding conditions and the care given to pupies and mother. Only when they are 8 weeks old the pups can go to their new homes, they must be dewormed – 3 times, vaccinated, chipped and must have Pedigree papers and health certificate – pet passport.

   Litters in our republics can be recognized quite easily, because every litter´s puppies´names must begin with the same letter of the Alphabet and the Alphabet must be strictly followed, e.g. the first litter´s names of a kennel start with „A“, second litter with „B“, etc.

   The Slovak Kennel book  number is: SPKP followed by the number of registration.

   More about our Kennel club (SKJ): » «